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Birthday Party at Matteo’s was Amazing!

Caroline and Beth were looking for a restaurant to host a surprise 50th birthday party for their friend Joann on Saturday October 31st. Beth had dined at Matteo’s, the Casual Italian Restaurant in the Grand Pacific Junction of Olmsted Falls, and mentioned to Caroline that Matteo’s would be the perfect place for the party. She mentioned that Matteo’s has great food and a quaint private party room that would be perfect for the party.

They met with Matteo’s owner Tom Grassi and talked about a menu. They were going to have 40 people and wanted to have a casual appetizer type of party. Tom offered a number of different choices. Since Beth had tried a number of Matteo’s dishes she suggested that their guests be treated to Matteo’s homemade meatballs, zucchini frites, and pizza’s with a number of different toppings. Tom agreed that the three offerings would be very good.

The other item was the fact that each quest was going to pay for their own check. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a restaurant that would offer separate checks for all 30 guests that would track not only their dinner charge but also all of their drinks. Tom didn’t object and each quest paid their own tab.

Also, Matteo’s doesn’t charge a room rental fee, and they also let their hosts bring in their own cake without a cake cutting fee.

Matteo’s had two dedicated servers handling the party and they did a tremendous job delivering both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, restocking the food, clearing plates, and bringing the checks timely. They did all this with a great and fun attitude. Tom checked several times to ensure that all guests were experiencing great service.

Afterwards, Caroline commented to Tom “that it was a great time. You guys are amazing and I will use you again and come over for dinner”.

If you’re looking to book a party you can contact Tom Grassi at 440-427-5400 or feel free to call him on his cell phone at 440-915-7662.

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