8072 Columbia Road, Olmsted Falls, OH 44138

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The Matteo’s Party Room is private and comfortable for up to 50 people. It’s perfect for rehearsal dinners, wedding and baby showers, baptismal and first communion parties, birthday parties, business luncheons, club dinners, and other special events.

Our food reflects our commitment to exceptional quality. All meals are prepared under the guidance of Chef Tony Rocco with a passion for perfection and your guests will be raving about the wonderful food for days to come.

As important as the food, all parties receive exceptional service. We use our party room as a branding vehicle for our restaurant and understand the importance of providing a customer experience that will be unforgettable.  

To get information about having your party at Matteo’s email us at milltoo84@yahoo.com or call Sean Miller at 234-803-6502.

We are Open all day on Saturday and Sunday for Party's and Special Events.

Having your Party at Matteo’s

  • Matteo’s has a newly redecorated private party room that seats up to 50 people. 
  • Custom Menus – we offer many different meal options such as plated meals, buffet, family style, or heavy appetizers. Hosts can select from our regular menu or we can provide a custom menu to include items not on our regular menu. We also offer a brunch menu. Pricing is reflective of the menu selections.
  • Bar and Beverage – we will customize drink options that range from cash bar to a full open bar (Sunday liquor available). We can also do special drink options such as punches, mimosas, sangria, or other signature drinks. Multiple wines, bottled beer, and draft beer options are available.
  • Desserts – we offer a full range of our house deserts such as cannoli, cassata cake, tiramisu or pastry trays. Also, hosts can bring specialty cakes and our servers will cut and serve the cake.
  • To book your date – we require a $100 deposit to secure the date and the deposit will be applied against the final balance.
  • Tax and Gratuity – we are required to charge 8% sales tax and we charge a 20% gratuity, all of which is paid to the servers.
  • Decorating – hosts can decorate the party with balloons, flowers, center pieces, and special table clothes (we provide white table cloths and blue linens).


Parties Held at Matteo’s

Thursday, December 23 - Qualified Interiors Christmas Party

Monday, December 20 - Columbia Hills Christmas Party

Sunday, December 19 - Tony V. 60th Birthday Party

Friday, December 17 - Karen S. Wedding Dinner

Friday, December 17 - St. Mary's Christmas Party

Wednesday, December 15 - Frank and Dean Christmas Show

Wednesday, December 15 - Alloy Engineering Holiday Party

Tuesday, December 14 - Pittman Adoption Party

Monday, December 13 - Candlelight Wine Dinner

Sunday, December 12 - Westfield Group Holiday Dinner

Sunday, December  12 - Kornich Baby Shower

Saturday, December 11 - Colvin Family Party

Thursday, December 9 - NY Textiles Christmas Party

Wednesday, December 8 - Berea Animal Hospital Christmas Party

Tuesday, December 7 - Dr. Gopal Christmas Party

Sunday, December 5 - Ursay Bridal Shower

Saturday, December 4 - LaRosa Neighbor Christmas Party

Saturday, December 4 - Norma H. Mom's 80th Birthday Party

Saturday, December 4 - Kosmic Baby Shower Grand Pacific Junction Hotel

Saturday, December 4 - Sebjenics Celebration of Life Luncheon

Friday, December 3 - Kopp Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, December 2 - Herox Memorial Luncheon

Sunday, November 28 - Horrock Baby Shower

Wednesday, November 24 - Clevinger Family Party

Sunday, November 21 - Karen / Andrew Wedding Dinner

"Everyone had an amazing time. Food, service, hospitality, everything was excellent. Thank you and your staff for making this day special for us. Far exceeded our expectations. "

Saturday, November 20 - Abner Engagement Party 

Tom! The entire Abner/O’Grady family loved it! The staff was so nice, friendly and efficient, the food was fantastic and the room was inviting and comfortable! Everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you for helping us plan this very special occasion for our daughter and future son-in-law! We’ll be back for dinner when we visit for sure! Deb 

Saturday, November 20 - Herb Surpise Birthday Party

"Thank you for helping us give Herb a suprise 80th Birthday dinner. Everything wsa very good and we made some wonderful new memories for him and his family."

Saturday, November 20 - Scott Williams / John Lauro Church Party GPJ Hotel

Thursday, November 18 - Ashley / Michael Wedding Dinner

Wednesday, November 17 - Kids First Company Meeting GPJ Hotel

Tuesday, November 16 - Olmsted Chamber Lunch GPJ Hotel

Sunday, November 14 - Oltmans Baby Shower GPJ Hotel

"Everything was perfect. We could not have asked for better service. The food was hot, delicious, and presented beautifully. We received many compliments. Denise"

Saturday, November 13 - Russell Wedding Reception GPJ Hotel

Saturday, November 13 - Venditti Birthday Party

Friday, November 12 - Hannah / Jason Rehearsal Dinner

"Hi Tom, Everything was great! Thank you to you and your staff! Jason"

Sunday, November 7 - Sandra Anderson Mom's Birthday Party

Sunday, November 7 - Kelli Salerno Baptismal Party

Saturday, November 6 - Mary Glavin Baby Shower

Thursday, November 4 - Jane  Zippy Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, November 4 - Armstong Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, October 30 - August / Andrea Wedding Reception GPJ Hotel

Tuesday, October 19 - Corina McMullen Company Sales Dinner

Sunday, October 17 - Neil Shah Dad's 80th Birthday Party

"Excellent event, Tom. Thank you VERY much for making this such a wonderful and memorable event for my Dad's 80th. You and your entire staff was exceptional. Neil"

Sunday, October 17 - Jonathan / Patience Wedding Reception GPJ Chapel

Saturday, October 16 - Tony / Wanda Recpetion at GPJ Chapel

Saturday, October 15 - Jennifer C. Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, October 9 - Rachel Deighton Wedding Dinner

Saturday, October 9 - Renee Bavza Wedding Reception GPJ Hotel

Thursday, October 7 - Michaela Barret Olmsted Falls PTA Group

"We had a wonderful evening!! Thank you to you and your staff. Everything was great! "

Sunday, October 3 - Mary Henen Co-Ed Shower at GPJ Hotel

"Thank you for being part of our day. The food was absolutely perfect everyone enjoyed it. They loved the lemon chicken and salmon, the rolls were a bit hit too. Also, the staff was very polite, and very kind. Great team. Thanks again for everything. Mary"

Sunday, October 3 - Denise Hallman Bridal Shower

"Hi Tom, thank you so much for all your help with the shower. Everyone loved the brunch and the mimosas. The severs were so helpful and a pleasure to work with. My daughter had a lovely day and so did our guests. I would recommend Matteo's as a great venue for a shower. "Thanks again!"

Saturday, October 2 - Jim / Lynn Wagner Shower at GPJ Hotel

"Hi Tom, thank you for the wonderful food at my daughter's shower. Everything was wonderful. We got a lot of compliments on the food. Lynn" 

Saturday, October 2 - Linda / Gary Wedding Dinner

"Hi Tom, just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful wedding you helped us with on October 2nd. It was perfect. The food and service was wonderful. Thank you all. Linda and Gary Hetrick."

Saturday, October 2 - Marilyn Scott Shower

Friday, October 1 - Judy Jacob Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, September 30 - Chris Chopp Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, September 26 - Lynn Sindelar Baby Shower

"Just wanted to tell you how wonderful our shower was last week. So many compliments on the food. It was all amazing. And your staff was wonderful. Thanks so much and you will definitely  see us back another time. Lynn"

Sunday, September 26 - Sue  Sedlay Baby Shower

Saturday, September 25 - Tiffany /  Cody Wedding Reception GPJ Hotel

"The food was amazing. Everyone was asking us who provided the food. We're sure you will be getting a lot of new customers. Thanks for everything. Tiffany / Codi" 

Saturday, September 25 - Ryan Loyd / Adrianne Wedding Dinner

 "Tom, we had a wonderful time at our wedding dinner.  Everything was perfect, and our guests loved the food. We appreciate everything you did to help make our day special! Adrianne" 

Saturday, September 25 - Karen Harn Baby Shower

Friday, September 24 - Sue Pena Rehearsal Dinner

"Everything was perfect! The food, venue and service was just wonderful. People were still telling us yesterday how great  the food was. Thanks again for everything. Sue"

Friday, September 24 - Jen Simmons Rehearsal Dinner

"Thank you for a wonderful party! Everything was perfect. Appreciate everything. Jen"

Thursday, September 23 - Lydia Bert Women's Golf Banquet

Sunday, September 19 - Sandra Stennis Shower at GPJ Gardens

Saturday, September 18 - Cathy Hugney Memorial  Dinner

"Tom, it was the best time the other night. Food, servers, all was perfect. Thank you so much. Cathy"

Friday, September 17 - Lisa Smith  / Mark Wedding Reception GPJ Hotel

Thursday, September 16 - Carla Rehearsal Dinner

"Tom, everything was wonderful. Your staff was amazing as well. Thank you for everything."

Wednesday, September 15 - Lisa Smith / Mark Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, September 11 - Amelia / Mark Wedding Reception GPJ Hotel

"Everyone LOVED the evening. Food was amazing and they raved especially about the Mac-n-cheese. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect rehearsal and reception catering. I'm beyond grateful. Mark and I will definitely continue to eat at your restaurant and recommend you to our friends and family. Amelia"

Saturday, September 11 - Debbie Branic Bridal Shower

"All went very well. Thank you so much. Debbie"

Friday, September 10 - Alex Colwell / Allie Rehearsal Dinner

Friday, September 10 - Amelia / Mark Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, September 4 - Mary Easter Anniversary Party

"Hi Tom, Want to tell you again what a fantastic venue that Matteo's was for our 50th wedding anniversary party. The food was excellent as our guests couldn't say enough about it! Our servers were wonderful. Knowing without a doubt what a good time everyone was having added to the happiness of our celebration! Thank you for everything. Mary"

Saturday, September 4 - Evelyn Dornbach Retirement Party GPJ Gardens

Saturday, September 4 - Camille Acevedo Wedding Reception GPJ Hotel

Saturday, September 4 - Jodi / Dave  Wedding Reception Catering

"Dear Tom, Thank you for providing a wonderful meal on our wedding day. The food was delicious and we had many compliments for the fantastically prepared meal. We appreciated that you were so easy to work with and willing to give suggestions. We can't thank you enough! Dave and Jodi"

Friday, September 3, 2021 - Joyce Waldron Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, August 29, 2021 - Pat Blackowski Baby Shower

Saturday, August 28, 2021 - LeAnne Miller Dad's Birthday Party

Saturday, August 28, 2021 - Elizabeth Delly Wedding Reception at GPJ Gardens

Saturday, August 28, 2021 - Mary Salvo Bridal Shower

Saturday, August 28, 2021 - Laura Bush Shower

Saturday, August 28, 2021 - Dorothy Elder Shower at GPJ Hotel

Friday, August 27, 2021 - Dorothy Long Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, August 26, 2021 - Lisa Hughes Rehearsal Dinner

Wednesday, August 25, 2021 - Zenny Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, August 21 - Jeff Duval Birthday Party

Friday, August 20, 2021 - Hetrick Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, August 19, 2021 - Shannon Kirkwood Rehearsal Dinner

Monday, August 16, 2021 - Mike Schiling Memorial Lunch

Sunday, August 15, 2021 - Angela Baby Shower

Sunday, August 15, 2021 - Hope Hayden Mom's Birthday Party

Saturday, August 14, 2021 - Tracey Burney Shower

Saturday, August 14, 2021 - Sara Gress Bridal Shower

Saturday, August 7, 2021 - Maggie Beach Wedding Reception at GPJ Hotel

Saturday, August 7, 2021 - Margie Hass Wedding Dinner

Thursday, August 5, 2021 - Pam Nielsen Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, August 5, 2021 - Maggie Beach Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, August 5, 2021 - Jessica Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, August 1, 2021 - Ryan Ginley Wedding Dinner

Sunday, August 1, 2021 - Anne Siloy Bridal Shower

Saturday, July 31, 2021 - Alica Graf / Corey Wedding Dinner

Saturday, July 31, 2021 - Diane Gerg Baby Shower at GPJ Hotel

Friday, July 30, 2021 - Dianne Campo Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, July 25, 2021 - Jason / Gina Pietrasz Baptismal Party

Friday, July 23, 2021 - Kerchenski Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, July 17, 2021 - Stephanie / George Wedding Reception at GPJ Hotel

Saturday, July 17, 2021 - Brian Draves Wife's Suprise Birthday Party

Saturday, July 17, 2021 - Allana Miller Wedding Dinner

Saturday, July 17, 2021 - Roz Frabotta Memorial Lunch

Friday, July 16, 2021 - Sarah / Matt  Rehearsal Dinner

Wednesday, July 14, 2021 - Ernie Mensuratti Company Appreciation Party

Saturday, July 10, 2021 - Frank Miller Dad's Birthday Party

Friday, July 9, 2021 - Graf Rehearsal Dinner

Friday, July 9, 2021 - Facchine Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, July 8, 2021 - Deluca Cocktail Party - offsite

Thursday, July 8, 2021 - Hickerson Birthday Party

Wednesday, June 30, 2021 - Shay - Biohaven Pharma Dinner

Saturday, June 26, 2021 - Vince / Eva Wedding Reception at GPJ Hotel

Saturday, June 26, 2021 - Melanie Galizio Baptismal Party

Saturday, June 26, 2021 - Jennifer Murta Bridal Shower

Friday, June 25, 2021 - Diane Gingo Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, June 24, 2021 - Denise Anzalone Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, June 24, 2021 - Jane March Rehearsal Dinner

Tuesday, June 22, 2021 - Diane Scholtheis Mom's 80th Birthday

Saturday, June 19, 2021 - Michelle Hughes Baby Shower

Saturday, June 19, 2021 - Robin Massaro Memorial Lunch 

Saturday, June 19, 2021 - Melissa Kulbago Baby Shower at GPJ Hotel

Friday, June 18, 2021 - Cyndi Kelly Rehearsal Dinner

Friday, June 18, 2021 - Joe Bobak Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, June 13, 2021 - Wendy Villafane Graduation Dinner

Sunday, June 13, 2021 - Virginia Butler Baby Shower at GPJ Hotel

Sunday, June 13, 2021 - Beth Rock Baptismal Party

Sunday, June 13, 2021 - Leah Segedi Bridal Shower

Saturday, June 12, 2021 - Diana Ina Baptismal Party

Saturday, June 12, 2021 - Carolyn Benigni Baby Shower

Friday, June 11, 2021 - Karen Nixon Rehearsal Dinner

Friday, June 11, 2021 - Eileen Rucki Memorial Luncheon

Sunday, June 6, 2021 - Matlock Bridal Shower

Sunday, June 6, 2021 - Jeanne Bingell Shower - offsite catering

Sunday, June 6, 2021 - Denise Webb Bridal Shower at GPJ Wedding Gardens

Saturday, June 5, 2021 - St. Mary's Golf Outing Catering at Briarwood Golf Course

Saturday, June 5, 2021 - Michelle LaGruth Bridal Shower at GPJ Hotel

Saturday, June 4, 2021 - Beth Thompson Graduation Party

Thursday, June 3, 2021 - Brittany /  Matt Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, May 23, 2021 - Reynolds Bridal Shower at GPJ Hotel

Thursday, May 20, 2021 - Hills Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, May 16, 2021 - Rhonda Miller Baby Shower

Sunday, May 16, 2021 - Agresta Confirmation Party

Friday, May 14, 2021 - Colleen Linn Rehearsal Dinner

Friday, May 7, 2021 - Loerger Rehearsal Dinner at GPJ Hotel

Friday, May 7, 2021 - Walters Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, May 2, 2021 - Suzzane Maddocks - Bridal Shower

Sunday, May 2, 2021- Maria Mathews Daughters's First Communion

Saturday May 1, 2021 - Vera I. Bridal Shower

Saturday, May 1, 2021 - Kim Wrobel Confirmation Brunch

Saturday, April 24, 2021 - Craig Dauber Birthday Party

Saturday, April 24, 2021 - Tina Salvaggio Bridal Shower

Friday, April 23, 2021 - Leah Masterson Confirmation Party

Sunday, April 18, 2021 - Kathy Samples Bridal Shower

Saturday, April 17. 2021 - Amy Snyder Bridal Shower

Saturday, April 17, 2021 - Rosemary Denis Bridal Shower

Thursday, April 15, 2021 - Damion Gambino Company Party

Sunday, April 11, 2021 - Cindy Kelly - Shower at GPJ Hotel

Saturday, April 10, 2021 - Traci Swan Bridal Shower at GPJ Hotel

Saturday, March 27, 2021 - Baby Shower at GPJ Hotel - Kala Gannon

"We loved Matteo's before this past weekend and love it even more after! Matteo's catering service went above and beyond to make sure our event and food was top notch. The staff was so helpful and made sure all of our questions and needs were met. We had brunch catered and the food was AMAZING! Everyone couldn't stop talking about the waffles and egg bake. We will always recommend Matteo's catering!"

Sunday, March 21st 2021 - Bridal Shower - Bridgette Vilella

Saturday, March 20th 2021 - Surprise Birthday Party - Jim Edleston

"Everything was amazing and perfect".

Saturday, March 20th 2021 - Bridal Shower - Chris Nedrich

Saturday, March 20th 2021 - Baby Shower - Stephanie Norman

Thursday, March 18th 2021 - Rehearsal Dinner - Angie Stein

Sunday, March 14th 2021 - Birthday Party - Kim Costello

Saturday, March 6th 2021 - Italian Wine Dinner

Saturday, March 6th 2021 - Bridal Shower at GPJ Hotel - Jamie Peltier

Sunday, January 26 - Allyson Tagliarina  Baby Shower

Saturday, January 25 - Eileen Baker - Mom's 80th Birthday Party

"Everything at the party was great. The food was delicious. Thank you."

Sataurday, January 25 - David Myers 65th Birtday Party

"Tom. We wanted to thank you again. I can’t tell you how many compliments we got on the food. The service was exceptional. Thanks again."

Thursday, January 24 - Myers Capital Financial Seminar

Tuesday, January 22 - Myers Capital Financial Seminar

Monday, Janaury 21 - Kathi Husband's  NASA Retirement Party

Sunday, January 19 - Valeria Harcar Shower

"Thank you so much for the wonderful shower!!! So many compliments on the delicious food. Many said it was the best shower they ever went to! Thanks again. Val Harcar"

Saturday, January 18 - Linda Heiss Church Group Party

Saturday, January 18 - Susan Manochi Bridal Shower

Saturday, January 18 - Kim Wolff Baby Shower

Friday, January 17 - Vanderwyden Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, January 12 - BW Women's Volleyball Team Banquet

"The banquet got rave reviews and was a welcome change from holding it on campus! Your two servers were awesome. Thanks for everything! Kacie"

Saturday, January 11 - Castrigano Bridal Shower

Friday, January 10 - Olmsted Falls Teachers Party

Monday, January 6 to Friday, January 10 - BW Swim Team Offsite Catering

"Hi Tom, thanks for providing and delivering our team dinners every night last week. Everything was awesome! Laura"

Saturday, January 4 - Erin McCaffery Mom's 80th Birthday Party

"I wanted to send you a note to let you know that the party was wonderful. Everyone raved about the food. The upstairs room was perfect. Your employees were amazing! So happy. Thank you Erin."

Monday, December 23 - Cindy Moffat Family Christmas Party

Sunday, December 22 - Lisa Dorman Family Christmas Party

Friday, December 20 - Brookside Tax Company Christmas Party

Friday, December 20 - Father Wally's Christmas Party

Friday, December 20 - Qualfab Company Christmas Party

Thursday, December 19 - Absolute Haitian Holiday Party

Wednesday, December 18 - New York Textiles Company Christmas Party

Wednesday, December 18 - Metro Health Dept. of Food and Nutrition Holiday Party

Hello Tom, thank you so much for working with me and providing such a great luncheon for my staff.  They truly appreciated getting out of the hospital for our holiday gathering. Denise

Tuesday, December 17 - Holiday Wine Dinner

"Really enjoy Matteo's! The wine tasting was exceptional. The chef pairs the right wines with the dishes and it's a fun and delicious experience. A wine sommelier took her time to explain why the wines were selected, and how they paired with the food. One of the dishes was a lasagna and it was the best lasagna I've ever had. Joe C."

Sunday, December 15 - Grand Pacific Junction Merchant Christmas Party

Saturday, December 14 - Mia Salon Offsite Christmas Party Catering

Owner Bryan M. posted a  5-Star Review on Yelp "I've eaten here plenty of times, and it's definitely worth a visit. Yet this 5-star review is for their catering. My business used Matteo's to cater our corporate events and it's a first class experience every time. The servers are polite and helpful. The food is hot and delicious. My staff loves it and so do I because I don't have to handle a thing - Matteo's does it all from setup to tear down Call and ask to speak with Tom. Highly recommend!

Friday, December 13 - Lighting Dynamics Christmas Party

 "Tom, Thank you for providing us with a great atmosphere to have our LDI Christmas Party.  I can't tell you how many of my employees have come up to me today to thank me for a great night.  Everyone loved the food, the drinks, the entertainment, and last but not least the service we received on Friday night.  It was a class act and we really do appreciate it.  Bernadette"

Friday, December 13 - Southwest General Christmas Party

Friday, December 13 - St. Mary's Administrative Christmas Party

Thursday, December 12 - Fairview Hosptial Christmas Party

Saturday, December 8 - Amanda Funk Ladies Christmas Get Together

Saturday, December 7 - Bob LaRosa Community Group Christmas Party

Saturday, December 7 - Kathi Buchwald Dinner

Saturday, December 7 - Kathy Gaven Baby Shower

Saturday, December 7 - Josh Lorex Holiday Christmas Party at GPJ Hotel

Friday, December 6 - Clint Williams Memorial Dinner at GPJ Hotel

Friday, December 6 - Integrity Home Care Christmas Party

Wednesday, December 4 - St. Mary's Teacher Luncheon

Tuesday, December 3 - Lori Dietz Retirement Pary

Friday, November 29 - Mallery / Nick Engagement Party

"I wanted to thank you and your staff for a wonderful evening. My daughter Mallery and future son in law Nick thought everything was awesome. Everyone raved about the food and service. Thank you again Julie."

Saturday, November 23 - MJ Farmoso Dad's Surprise Birthday Party

Friday, November 22 - Jackie / Chad Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, November 21 - Monica Barber Rehearsal Dinner

Tuesday, November 19th - Tiffany Memorial Luncheon

Saturday, November 16 - Kathy's 70th Birthday Party

Friday, November 15 - Tony Marlette Rehearsal Dinner

Wedneday, November 13 - Christy Danze Surprise Party

Saturday, November 9 - St. Elias Offsite Catering Eveent

Saturday, November 9 - Pat Beck Dad's 99th Birtday Party

Thursday, November 7 - Laura Cieker Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, November 7 - Brunswick Teachers Offsite Catering Dinner

Sunday, November 3 - Darlene Borling Baby Shower

Saturday, November 2 - Rebecca Brumfield Engagement Party

Saturday, November 2 - Jan Betts Wedding Dinner

Tuesday, October 29 - NEOEA Meeting

"The dinner was great! Everyone loved the food and the party room is perfect! Sue"

Sunday, October 27 - Taller Baby Shower

Saturday, October 26 - Verlie Parents Anniversary Party

"The party was perfect! I'm very happy with how it turned out and my parents and guests had a great time. Thanks for making it a great evening for us! Sarah"

Friday, October 25 - Laura Demiline Offsite Catering

"The food was delicious and Michael was awesome. Thanks. Laura"

Friday, October 25 - Homes Rehearsal Dinner

"The rehearsal dinner was great! Everyone love the food and drinks and we all had a really fun time. Thanks."

Sunday, October 19 - Verb Baby Shower

"The shower was lovely. Thank you for being so easy to work with. Your servers were great - very helpful, kind, and warm with the guests. Food was great and all had fun."

Saturday, October 19 - Jeff D. Suprise Birthday Party

Friday, October 18 - Dreger Rehearsal Dinner

"Thank you so much Tom. Our rehearsal dinner was wonderful, food was awesome (as always), and your staff is so very accomodating. Everyone raved about it. Thank you again!!!"

Thursday, October 17 - Sue Neal Rehearsal Dinner

"Hi this is Sue Neal. Great party. Food was delicious. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks for everything."

Wednesday, October 16 - Napa Valley Wine Dinner

Wednesday, October 16 - Tiffany Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, October 12 - Sue Olah Golf League Party

Thursday, October 10 - Dawn Rowe Rehearsal Dinner

 "Hi Tom, the rehearsal dinner was a really big hit. Everyone enjoyed the food tremendously and had a wonderful time. Thank you. A couple people will be dining with Matteo's in  the future as a result of the event that I hosted. Dawn"

 Saturday, October 5 - Kathleen Cruz Wedding Dinner

Saturday, October 5 - Roseann Castro Baby Shower

"Hi Tom. Everything was perfect both food and service. The party went smoothly. Thanks. Roseann"

Saturday, October 5 - Olmsted Falls Class Reunion

Friday, October 4 - Eschweiler Rehearsal Dinner

"Hello Tom. The Rehearsal Dinner went great and everyone really seemed to love the food and enjoyed the restaurant very much. Thanks so much!"

Monday, September 30 - Brittany Bilyj Wedding Dinner

Saturday, September 28 - Ropas Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, September 28 - Laura Kidd Bridal Shower

Friday, September 27 - Brueler Rehearsal Dinner

"Hi Tom, I wanted to check in with you and say thank you for Josh and McKenna's wonderful rehearsal dinner. The food was incredible and your staff was beyond kind. Tina"

Tuesday, September 24 - Christine Markey Rehearsal Dinner

Monday, September 23 - Katie Adler Memorial Service

Tom, I wanted to take a minute to thank you, Michael, and the rest of your staff for such a wonderful afternoon yesterday.  The luncheon was perfect and a great way to end such a beautiful day.  From the room, to the food, to the service, to the drinks, everything was top notch! I heard from everyone that attended what a great venue it was.  My family even commented that my mother would be so proud of me for selecting such a nice place and that she would have enjoyed everything as well.  Please forward my appreciation to Michael, the servers, the bartender and the cooks!  Let me say that you are fortunate to have such a flexible and professional staff. I will be sure to recommend your restaurant to all!  Again, my sincere thanks to everyone.  You made a difficult day very pleasant and welcoming.  Kind regards, Katie Adler.

Sunday, September 22 - Erica Schultz Sister's Bridal Shower

"Hello Tom....Your restaurant and staff did a wonderful job making Jackie's day so special. We will definitely be returning for dinner or another occasion. I especially want to thank YOU for your time and your service. You have exceeded our expectations and are phenomenal at what you do. Thank you so much again!"

Thursday, September 12 - Jeff Stanley Rehearsal Dinner

"Thank you Tom! Everyone loved the food and the service was great too! Linda"

Saturday, September 7 - Sonja Ade offsite catering party

"Good morning Tom. I just wanted to let you know that the food was excellent at my son's 50th birthday party that you catered. Everyone wanted to know the name of the restaurant it was ordered from. Thank you Andree."

Friday, September 6 - Jordan / Ryan Rehearsal Dinner

Thank you so much for hosting our rehearsal dinner! We received so many compliments on the food and venue. We can't wait to come out and have dinner and drinks this summer. Appreciate everything you did to make our night memorable. Ryan and Jordan Oleksiak

Thursday, September 5 - Marne Smith Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, September 5 - Mike Sestili Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, September 1 - Robin Haller Baby Shower

"Tom, the shower was an enormous success!  The food was spectacular and Michael and the servers were seamless.  Everyone enjoyed the event and kept talking about how wonderful the venue was and how delicious the food was.  And the sangria was so good!  Thank you for helping make the day so wonderful! Sincerely, Robin"

Saturday, August 24 - Christine Miller Anniversary Party

Saturday, August 24 - Homes Bridal Shower

"I recently hosted my sister's bridal shower at Matteo's for roughly 50 people. Everything was amazing. The food, the service, and the Sangria! Definetly recommend Matteo's for parties big or small. Kelly"

Wednesday, August 21 - Deidre Rehearsal Dinner

"Hi, everyone had a great time at the rehearsal dinner. The food was amazing! Thanks for allowing us to have our dinner there."

Sunday, August 18 - Rebecca Roulette Memorial Dinner

Sunday, August 18 - Mary Winters Dad's 60th Birthday Party

Sunday, August 18 - Siss 18th Birthday Party

"Thank you and your team for a wonderful luncheon to celebrate Jasmyne's graduation and 18th birthday. The food and service was amazing as always. Appreciate the efforts of you and your team to make it a memorable day! David"

Thursday, August 15 - Rebecca Arko Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, August 10 - Shelly Rondano Birthday Party

Monday, August 5 - Connie Ashinger Dad's Birthday Party

Sunday, August 4 - Paula Fricker Bridal Shower

"The shower was perfect. You made the whole process so easy and non-stressful. The private room was comfortable and pretty, and the food was delicious. The brunch menu was fun and different. Everyone raved about the Mimossa bar. The service provided by Leah, Julia and Michael was impeccable. They worked so hard to make the shower seamless and were prompt, friendly, courteous, and professional. And we thought the pricing was great. Thanks. Paula"

Sunday, August 4 - Mary Tishko Baby Shower

Saturday, August 3 - Nick / Rochelle Wedding Dinner

"Hi Tom, Everything was great. Food was good and service was REALLY GOOD too. Rochelle was very pleased with the servers! Thanks again for everything. We greatly appreciate it! Nick"

Saturday, July 27 - BW Professional Development Dinner

Saturday, July 27 - Lisa Stang Bridal Shower

Saturday, July 27 - Michelle Michalski Shower

Friday, July 26 - Jennifer Janik Rehearsal Dinner

Friday, July 26 - Trent / Emily Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, July 21 - Nina Imbrigino Shower

"Hi Tom, just wanted to let you know that I appreciated all that you and your staff did for my shower. The food was delicious and plentiful. The servers were very polite and accomodating. Thanks again. Nina"

Saturday, July 20 - Annie Utely Shower

Saturday, July 20 - Carol Dutczak Bridal Shower

"OMG! The best bridal shower ever. The food was to die for. Everyone raved about it. Our servers were great. A couple friends had never been there before and will definitely come back. Others that had been there recommended it because said it never disappoints. Thank you so much. Everything went very smooth and I appreciated your help organizing it. Carol"

Thursday, July 18 - Holtz Suprise Birthday Party

Sunday, July 14 - Pollack Family Reunion

Sunday, July 7 - DiRenzo Baptismal Party

"We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the atmosphere and food. Our family raved about the food. Your staff was professional and on top of things. Great job to them! You will have some regular customers! Julie."

Friday, July 5 - Scott / Heather Wedding Dinner

Saturday, June 29 - Donna Hass Bridal Shower

"Everything was perfect! Hopefully the next shower w'll be hosting at Matteo's will be a baby shower! Donna"

Friday, June 28 - Kayleigh / Becca Rehearsal Dinner

"Thank you so much Tom. Everything was so wonderful!! Kayleigh"

Saturday, June 22 - Amanda's Dad Suprise 60th Birthday Party

Sunday, June 16 - Janet Pfeil Bridal Shower

Friday, June 14 - Melissa Vermes Rehearsal Dinner

Friday, June 14 - Cindy Downing Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, June 9 - Sandy Kawa Grandfather's 100th Birthday Party

Saturday, June 8 - Art / Tina Memorial Luncheon

"Tom, today was great. Your folks were so accomodating and helpful. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Art"

Sunday, June 2 - Paige Meyer's Graduation Party

"Hi Tom, I just wanted to thank you and the staff for hosting Paige's graduation party on June 2nd. Everything went perfectly and we received many, many compliments on the atmosphere, attentiveness of the servers and the quality of the food. I so appreciated your guidance, flexibility and patience with the planning of this event! We love Matteo's and will undoubtedly be back soon. Thank you again for helping to make Paige's graduation special. Kirsten"

Saturday, June 1 - Christin and Jeff's Wedding Dinner

"Everything was absolutely wonderful and people have been raving about the food and they were all saying they will be back for dinner (we know we will!). Everything turned out amazing and your staff was very accomodating. Thanks so much for everything!"

Sunday, May 26 - Christie / Steve Baptismal Party

Friday, May 24 - Bartunek Rehearsal Dinner

"Thanks so much for accomodating us! All of our guests loved the food. We had a great time. Jennifer"

Sunday, May 19 - Wilford Graduation Party

"Hi Tom, Thanks so much for hosting our party on Sunday, May 19.  Your place did a wonderful job!  The servers were attentive, helpful, and friendly, and the food was delicious!  I received many compliments on the food and atmosphere at Matteo's.  It was a perfect setting for our private party!  I really appreciate you working with me on the menu choices, and providing nice selections at a reasonable price.  Everything was wonderful!  You've gained some new customers from our visit, for sure.  Several people mentioned that they are looking forward to coming back to try more of your menu, and I am too!  Thank you again for such a great day.  Lindsey"

Sunday, May 19 - Abby Miller Bridal Shower

"Everything was perfect for Abby's bridal shower. The servers were attentive and made sure all of our guests were happy. They went above and beyond in helping to carry in gifts and cleaning up our decorations. In addition to the awesome service the food was amazing. Chef Tony and his staff prepared a delicious buffet with many of the guests complimenting the food. A special thanks to Tom for making the preplanning so easy. Jenna"

Saturday, May 18 - Columbus Premier Soccer Team Dinner

Five Star review posted on Yelp - "We went with a group of 30 teenage soccer boys and parents. They put us upstairs in a private room and we had 2 servers. The servers were the nicest most pleasant people and they were attentive and kind. Our food came out fast and everything was really good. Shout out to the wedding soup! We don't get authentic soup often so it was a treat. The seafood pasta was incredible and the seafood manicotti was fresh and unique. I would recommend for large groups or just dinner with family."

Saturday, May 18 - Sue Miles Bridal Shower

"Everything was great! Anna did a wonderful job staying on top of things and everyone loved the food. My family that lives locally said they would like to return for dinner again now that they’ve discovered Matteo’s. Thanks again. Sue Miles"

Saturday, May 18 - Velotta Baby Shower

"It was such a beautiful baby shower with wonderful hospitality and great food. Thanks again. Paulie"

Saturday, May 18 - Becker Memorial Service

"It could not have gone better Tom. Thanks so much for fitting us in and for doing such a good job. It was a great way to end a pretty tough day."

Friday, May 17 - Tomm Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, May 16 - Flazia Schlomn Rehearsal Dinner

Wednesday, May 15 - The Gallery Group Ladies Luncheon

Tom....Good Afternoon. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for an outstanding experience at Matteo’s yesterday. The food was excellent. If I heard one person say they loved their chicken… I heard it 50-some times.The service went flawlessly… all these ladies were so impressed. I loved how your team spoke with the guests… so kind, so friendly… just the perfect tone to speak to these lovely ladies. I know many will be back to have future meals at Matteo’s. Barbara

Saturday, May 11 - Zamboura Confirmation

Thank you Tom and Matteo’s for hosting our daughter’s First Communion party with family and friends.  I cannot express enough gratitude for the excellent service and delicious food.  The tomahawk pork chops were a hit!  And of course everyone made enough room to enjoy my favorite cannolis.  We look forward to hosting our next event at Matteo’s! 

Sincerely,  Tricia Zaboura 

Saturday, May 11 - Lukas Confirmation

Friday, May 10 - Christina / Jacob Rehearsal Dinner

Tuesday, May 7 - Mother's of Multiples Annual Meeting

"Thank you for having us and being so accommodating. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Katy"

Sunday, May 5 - Meghann Redd First Communion

"We had a nice time. Food was great and service was wonderful. Thanks again for everything and we will highly recommend!"

Saturday, May 4 - Marousek BW Graduation Party

"Tom, thanks for a wonderful evening!  Nothing but great compliments from our family about their meals and the overall experience.  We truly appreciate everything you and your staff did to make Jimmy's graduation celebration special.  See you soon! Gary and Carey"

Saturday, May 4 - Anna / Ciara BW Graduation Party

Saturday, May 4 - Zanarello First Communion

"The event we had at Matteo’s for our daughter’s First Communion on May 4th was everything we could have asked for. The food was exceptional, as was the service and the atmosphere. All of our guests complimented the venue and the food. Neither my husband nor I could have asked for anything more. Everyone who served us was so nice, too. We can’t thank you enough for the outstanding experience we had hosting a party at Matteo’s. We will be back in a few years for our son’s party.  Thank you so much, Tom."  Jessica Zavarello

Saturday, April 27 - Alicia Oblander Bridal Shower

"Hi Tom, the shower was BEAUTIFUL. The food was amazing. The room was perfect. You were so easy to work with and the staff was very helpful and friendly. I was most impressed in you wanting to please me with the menu having us taste the one item you created which wasn't on the menu. Thanks again and we'll see you again when we patronize our favorite restaurant. Bernadette."

Saturday, April 27 - Mary Whalen Baby Shower

Thursday, April 25 - Golf Group Opening Dinner

Tuesday, April 16 - PNC Management Dinner

"Everything was wonderful last night. The food and service was fantastic! It's too bad we only get to do this once a year. I'm sure I'll be talking to you again in a few months. Thanks for everything. Betsy"

Sunday, April 14 - Mary Sullinger Bridal Shower

"We had a bridal shower for my son and his fiancé on April 14,2019. With the help of Tom it went off without a hitch. The food was AMAZING, service was superb, and the atmosphere was perfect for the event. We have the rehearsal dinner booked already and can’t wait.  Thanks MATTEOS for making Lindsay and Christian’s wedding shower unforgettable.   Kindly, Mari Sullinger"

Friday, April 12 - Jessica Guyer Rehearsal Dinner

"Tom, thank you very much. Our rehearsal dinner experience was great. The food was excellent and everyone had a good time. Thanks again. Jessica"

Sunday, April 7 - Cindy Gerbick Baby Shower

"The shower was great, thank you for everything. The servers were great and very friendly. Cindy"

Sunday, April 7 - Debbie Erossy Baby Shower

"Everyone had a good time and the food and service were excellent. Thanks Debbie"

Saturday, March 30 - Debbie Invcorvia Baby Shower

Saturday, March 30 - BW Swim Team Banquet (offsite catering)

"Hi Tom thanks for everything. The kids were very happy with the food!"

Sunday, March 17 - Robin's Surprise Birthday Party

Thank you for everything.  The food was fabulous, as usual.  As I told you before, I have eaten there many times.  I have brought relatives visiting from California (who are Italian) and they loved it.  The service was outstanding.  Donna and I received many compliments on our choice of venue.  Robin was very pleased with the party. Thanks again!!

Saturday, March 16 - Paula Gaydos Bridal Shower

Sunday, March 10 - Kelsey Martin Bridal Shower

Saturday, March 9 - Carl Camillo Client Party

 "We have had these events at multiple venues over the years, and Matteo’s consistently has the best reviews.  Keep up the good work and see you soon. Carl"

Saturday, March 9 - Ed Dean Family Party

Saturday, March 9 - Dianne Shoemaker Baby Shower

Thank you very much. We had a wonderful time at Matteo’s. The food was awesome and the service were very good. You have helped make some wonderful memories for our family! Sincerely, Dianne

Saturday, March 9 - Julianna's 16th Birthday Party

"Everyone had a wonderful time, including Julianna. The food was great and so was the service. Thanks Kathy"

Saturday, March 2 - Ashley Baldyga Bridal Shower

Wednesday, February 27 - Mazzella Companies Company Dinner

Saturday, February 23 - Becky Deertz Bridal Shower

"Hi Tom!  Thanks so much for allowing us to have our sisters bridal shower at Matteo’s. Don, Rick (I hope I have the right names) and the two servers were so accommodating and provided excellent service the entire time. I just wanted to reach out and extend my thanks one last time! Becky"

Sunday, February 17 - Kaylee Imbrogno Baptismal Party

Saturday, February 16 - Alica Rodriquez Grandmothers 70th Birthday Party

"Everyone had an amazing time. They raved about the food and great service. Thank you so much for everything. It was wonderful!"

Friday, February 15 - Olmsted Falls Teachers Event

Monday, February 11 - Westlake Seniors Lunch

Tuesday, January 29th - Smith Financial Seminar

Friday, January 25 - Smeltz Rehearsal Dinner

Last Friday, we had our son’s rehearsal dinner at Matteo’s Casual Italian Restaurant, and we can’t say enough how delighted we were with the entire event.  Zach and the other staff members were literally “over the top” wonderful and accommodating.  They consistently walked around making sure if anyone needed a drink or something else, it was taken care of immediately.  The buffet was perfect and the food was delicious!!  The Welcome Party followed, and again, everyone was taken care of and had a great time.  We wanted to make it a very special event, and Matteo’s definitely gave us a memorable evening.  Tom is incredible to work with, sincere as can be, and did everything I asked.  We thank them so kindly for all they did to make it such fun!!  Cindy Smeltz

Tuesday, January 22 - Celgene Client Dinner

Friday, January 18 - Baker Birthday Party

Sunday, January 13 - Debbie Brink Birthday Party

Saturday, January 12 - Sally Klinect baby shower

Friday, January 11 - Bradon Sposit Rehearsal Dinner

Hi Tom, we had such a great time at Matteo's for our rehearsal dinner.  Setting up the menu was a tough choice for us because the food we tried the week before was delicious.  You were very helpful with that aspect as well as the sides and alcohol selections.  The actual dinner went very well.  The food was served promptly and the girls were attentive to the guests.  Also, thank you for the additional vegan meal.  I would definitely recommend your restaurant to anyone asking for a good dinner on a Friday night or private event. Thank you, Brandon & Crystal    

Sunday, January 6 - Bill Lang wife's Birthday Party

"The party was very nice. Food was excellent. Bill"

Friday, January 4 - Sarliz Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, December 27 - Megan Raleigh husband's Birthday Party

Sunday, December 23 - Tim O'Connor Birthday Party

"Thank you for all you and your staff did to make the 60th birthday party for my husband Tim a success!  Everything was wonderful and we received many positive comments on the food, the service and the room, which was the perfect space to accommodate our group.  Your staff was very friendly and their hard work made our party go smoothly. I appreciate your help in choosing the food and drinks; you made the process easy and I wouldn't change a thing! Lisa"

Thursday, December 20 - Berea BOE Holiday Party

Friday, December 14 - St. Mary's / Father Wally staff Christmas Dinner

Friday, December 14 - Pavement Technology Holiday Luncheon

Thursday, December 13 - Cleveland Clinic Office Holiday Party

 "Hi Tom, Our Cleveland Clinic Office Holiday Party at Matteo’s was absolutely wonderful!!  The delicious food, outstanding service and intimate atmosphere was the perfect recipe for a great holiday experience for the physicians and the office staff.  We thank you for accommodating us and look forward to booking with you for a 2019 Holiday Party. Sincerely, Therese"

Saturday, December 9 - BW Athletic offsite catering

Saturday, December 8 - Wade Zinger Family Christmas Party

Friday, December 7 - Cleveland Clinic Surgical Unit Holiday Party

Friday, December 7 - Olmsted Falls PTA Luncheon

Wednesday, December 5 - NY Textiles Holiday Party

Monday, December 3 - St. Mary's offsite catering Teacher's Holiday Luncheon

Saturday, December 1 - Eaton Holiday Party

Thursday, November 19 - Unbroken Athletic Holiday Party

Saturday, November 10 - Erin Mashuda Baby Shower

"Everyone had a great time at the shower. The service and food was outstanding. Rick and Anna were so helpful and friendly. Thank you for helping us arrange such a beautiful shower baby shower!"

Wednesday, November 7 - Symrise Company Rewards Dinner

"You guys catered one of our outside events last year and it was great. So, we were  planning a dinner for all company employees with 20 plus years and decided to have it at Matteo's. Everything was delicious and very enjoyable. Thanks for hosting us."

Sunday, November 4 - Kim Gruber Baby Shower

"Hello Tom, Thanks you so much for making our daughter's baby shower a wonderful event. The food was fabulous as usual and the wait staff was beyond efficient. Your event room is accomodating, comfortable and beautiful. I will be recommending Matteo's to my friends. Kim"

Saturday, November 3 - Julie Pellerite Baptismal Party

Saturday, November 3 - Pat Beck Father's Birthday Party

Thursday, October 25 - SIMA National Board Meeting

The Snow and Ice Management Association hosted their National Board meeting at Matteo's with members from all over the country attending. The host Nikki Luedtke sent the following note "Hi Tom, the board meeting was wonderful. Thank you for your help in coordinating. "

Friday, October 19 - Storey Rehearsal Dinner

 "I can't say enough good things about Matteo's, Tom Grassi and his staff. The food was exceptional, the waiters were very responsive and the upstairs party room was perfect for a rehearsal dinner of 60 people. He was very helpful with the decision making process on what food, drinks and dessert to provide for a party that size. I'm so thankful we chose Matteo's for our rehearsal dinner. Thanks again Tom!!"

Friday, October 19 - Bennington Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, October 18 - Rhue Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, October 13 - Piazza Birthday Party

Friday, October 12 - Rhonda Lapadot Rehearsal Dinner

"Tom, thank you so much for an exceptional wedding rehearsal dinner. Needless to say, it was quite the success. The wait staff was responsive in every way and the food was outstanding.  We are very happy we chose your venue for the event! Thanks again!!"

Thursday, October 11 - Wludyga Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, October 11 - Brian Keel Rehearsal Dinner

Wednesday, October 3 - W.A. Smith Financial Seminar

Sunday, September 30 - Norma Zikeli Baby Shower

Saturday, September 29 - Brown Memorial Service Luncheon

Friday, September 28 - Hahn Rehearsal Dinner

 “At the end of September we had the privilege of hosting a Rehearsal dinner for my son, his new bride and 40 guests.  We could not have been more pleased with the food and service. I am still receiving compliments for the quality of the food and the excellent service.  Thanks Tom for all of your help!"

Thursday, September 27 - Golf Group Dinner

Wednesday, September 26 - W.A Smith Financial Dinner

Saturday, September 22 - Lorainne / Steve Wedding Dinner

Thursday, September 20 - PTA Wine Social

Sunday, September 16 - Katie Zsolcsak Baptismal Party

Sunday, September 16 - Olmsted Falls Class of 1958 Reunion

"Dear Tom and Staff -  We, the Class of 1958 cannot thank you enough for the wonderful time we had Sunday. IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS! The food was outstanding; delicious, hot, served with a smile and just couldn't have been nicer. The young ladies who served us were polite, worked quickly and always with a smile. I only hope you enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed spending time with you, your staff and your establishment. "

Sunday, September 16 - Katie Kern Shower

Friday, September 14 - Conrad Rehearsal Dinner

"We hosted our son's rehearsal dinner at Matteo's and had a perfect evening. The dinner was delicious and the space was very comfortable for all 40 of us. Thank you to the entire staff who took great care of us and made it a very memorable evening. Barb."

Friday, September 14 - North Olmsted Ladies Golf Luncheon

Thursday, September 13 - Mike Menicini Rehearsal Dinner

"The rehearsal dinner was awesome. Thanks again Tom. Mary Menicini."

Saturday, September 8 - Toni Hanrahan Birthday Party

Tom, just wanted to send a note of thanks for all your hard work in making Toni’s 40th birthday a success. Everyone had a great time and loved the food. The staff was absolutely OUTSTANDING and very attentive to all the small details. Everything went very smooth and wanted to let you know. Thank you again, we will be back!  Tim Hanrahan

 Friday, September 7 - Hayley Reitz Rehearsal Dinner

 "Thank you again for everything! Everyone loved the food and had a great time. We really appreciate your time and helping us host our rehearsal there. I am sure we will be in to see you when we have dinner there again. Thanks! Hayley and Matt"

 Thursday, September 6 - Lisa / Randy Rehearsal Dinner

"Thank you so much everybody raved about the food!!!! My one groomsmen actually works for Good Day Cleveland and he shot a piece at the restaurant."

Saturday, September 1 - Terri Elliot Christening Party

"Hi Tom. Everyone enjoyed the food very much. Service was great. Thanks again. Terri."

Saturday, August 25 - Donna Shields Bridal Shower

Friday, August 24 - Amanda Shuttleworth / Joe Rehearsal Dinner

"Everything was perfect! The food was delicious and the service was great. Your staff was on the ball!!! A good time had by all. Thanks for everything. Carla"

Friday, August 24 - Michelle Toaso Rehearsal Dinner

Tuesday, August 21 - NASA Dinner

Sunday, August 19 - Joan Patchin Shower

"Thanks again Tom! The ladies at the luncheon commented on how great the meal was and your staff made everything run smoothly!"

Saturday, August 18 - Nikki / Ed Wedding Dinner

"Thank you so much to Tom and the entire staff at Matteo's. They made our wedding reception truly special and memorable. Our family and friends are still talking about the excellent service, atmosphere and delicious food, they can't wait to go back. The experience and everlasting memory will be with us forever! Ed"

Friday, Augest 17 - Tricia Marquad Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, August 16 - Krystle Kish Rehearsal Dinner

"Everything was perfect!! Servers were amazing and food was delicious. Thank you so much Tom."

Wednesday, August 15 - Chris Ivanoff Memorial Service

Saturday, August 11 - Anna Gehrig Bridal Shower

"Thank you for all of the work that went into coordinating the shower. The food was delicious and the service was exemplary . I will recommend Matteo’s to family and friends for parties as well as for dinner.  My daughter and future son in law had an amazing bridal shower thanks to you and your staff."

Thursday, August 9 - Kathy Sauchak Antique Club Dinner

Sunday, August 5 - Andrea Jirousek Baptismal Party

"Tom, thank you for making my sons baptism so special! The food and the service was excellent. "

Saturday, August 4 - Carol Mitschash Bridal Shower

Friday, August 3 - Matthias Payne Engagement Party

Tuesday, July 31 - NASA Luncheon

Saturday, July 28 - Alicia Perez Baby Shower

Friday, July 27 - Sharon Green Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, July 26 - Lori Seacrest Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, July 22 - Mary Glavin Bridal Shower

Mary sent a card to Matteo's " Thanks for everything you and your staff did to make my daughter's bridal shower brunch a huge success. The egg bake, waffles and blueberry muffins were delicious. Everyone was raving about your food to me. I am sure you will have repeat business from our group. You made her special day a life event she will always remember. "

Friday, July 20 - Barb Salino Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, July 19 - Kate Jones / James Workman Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, July 14 - Carol Kovachy Baby Shower

"Dear Tom and all of the outstanding, amazing, and caring staff - we would like to thank all of you so very much for helping to make our daughter's baby shower so special and wonderful. In a word PERFECT. The food, drinks, service, ambience, and pure kindness that was displayed we truly off the charts! Fondly, Carol and Mark Kovachy. "

Sunday, July 8 - Bev McBee Bridal Shower

"Everything from start to finish went smoothly. Thank you and your wonderful staff. The food was beyond delicious and the Sangrias were soooo good! We're still talking about how delicious the lemon chicken was!! Thank you to all for helping my daughter and future son-in-law have an enjoyable wedding shower."

Friday, July 6 - James Wleczyk Rehearsal Dinner

Friday, June 29 - Bonnie and Bill Esher Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, June 23 - Elise Haupt Surprise Retirement Party

"Thanks so much for everything! My dad’s retirement party was a hit and everyone enjoyed themselves. We will certainly be doing this again! :) "

Friday, June 22 - Ashley and Robert's Rehearsal Dinner

Friday, June 22 - Denise Dunn Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, June 17 - Irene Kustar Baptismal Party

Friday, June 15 - Kathy Thompson Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, June 10 - Judy Gorman Birthday Party

"Just wanted to let you know that my entire family had a great evening at Matteo's. As always the food was excellent and the service was outstanding."

Sunday, June 10 - Colleen Berkowitz Baby Shower

Saturday, June 9 - Audrey Grunae Wedding Dinner

"Hello Tom - The dinner was lovely and the staff was wonderful. The bride and groom an all of our guests were pleased with the evening. Thank you for your attention to the details. Audrey."

Saturday, June 9 - Lauri Forbush Bridal Shower

Saturday, June 9 - Crista Adamyczk Baptismal

Tuesday, June 5 - FM Global Company Dinner

Liz Huber sent Tom a note - "All of the group had a great time. Thanks so much for everything."

Sunday, June 2 - Goodson Birthday Party

Friday, June 1 - Olmsted Falls Teacher Luncheon

Sunday, May 27 - Linda Ramser Birthday Party

Friday, May 25 - Castro Rehearsal Dinner

Roseann Castro sent the following note - "Thank you and the staff for making the event successful. Everything was perfect and we appreciate the modified menu. Everyone raved about the food especially the asiago chicken dish. Thank you for all Matteo's did to make the rehearsal dinner perfect."

Friday, May 25 - Christine Kish Bachelorette Party

Thursday, May 24 - Vanessa Binion Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, May 19 - Season / Brian Wedding Dinner

Saturday, May 12 - Daniel's First Communion Catering

Saturday, May 12 - Merecicky Bridal Shower

Friday, May 11 - Dee Hoy Rehearsal Dinner

Friday, May 11 - Hruska Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, May 6 - Lisi First Communion Party

Sunday, May 6 - Harper 50th Wedding Anniversary

Sunday, May 6 - Ashlyn Rito Baby Shower

Saturday, May 5 - Kernoziek First Communion Party

Saturday, April 28 - Ruth Pekarik Baby Shower

Saturday, April 21 - Cindy Harris 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

Saturday, April 21 - McGrain Baby Shower

Friday, April 20 -  Pat Zawadzk Rehearsal Dinner for Melissa and Joe

"Hello Tom, thank you for everything you did to make Melissa and Joe's rehearsal dinner so memorable. Everyone raved about the food and restaurant. We had a great time. Pat"

Tuesday, April 17 - Memorial Luncheon for Toth family

After having a service at Sunset Memorial, the Toth family invited their guests to Matteo's for a luncheon. Sisters Holly and Heather coordinated the luncheon and Holly sent the following note - " Thanks Tom for coordinating the luncheon on such short notice. The food on the buffet was great, and your staff's service was awesome.  My mom and all of our family thank you."

Sunday, April 15 -  Balaban Baptismal Party

 I am so sorry it has taken me so long to write you guys a personal Thank You! We were so happy with the way the party turned out. The food was amazing and the staff was great! Alot of our guests complimented us on your venue! We also had a few guests who told us how excited they were to come to the party because they knew how great your food was. I would highly recommend you guys for another event. It was clean, staffed well, great food, cute area all things that make for a great venue. I most certainly will host another event at your place without hesitation. Thank you. Kelly & Marc Balaban 


Sunday, April 15 - Estera Roman Baptismal Party

"To Tom and your fantastic staff at Matteo's I just wanted to send a BIG THANKS! Our baptism party was great. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was great. We had so many compliments on the food and the cannolis were the best. Your staff made our day special, thank you. I look forward to booking more parties with you! Estera"

Saturday, April 14 - Bendzuck Brial Shower

Pat posted the following review - " Tom was very accommodating, servers were attentive, GREAT food, GREAT atmosphere. Everyone loved the lasagna, chicken parm, and lemon chicken. Thank you Matteo's for making my daughter's party memories for a lifetime."

Sunday, April 8 - Lindsey Vonalt hosted a Bridal Shower

Lindsey and her mom coordinated a bridal shower for Lindsey's close friend. They sent a note following the shower "I just wanted to say thank you again for letting me host the bridal shower at your restaurant. Having the party upstairs was the perfect spot, and just enough room for our large party. The food was delicious as well as the sangria. The servers were very professional and kind to the guests. The prices per plate were also more than affordable. I would absolutely recommend your restaurant to everyone.  Thanks again."

Friday, March 30 - Barb Mihalek Rehearsal Dinner

Barb Mihalek commented after the dinner "Everyone raved about the dinner. The special champagne chicken dish you prepared was delicous. Thank you for accomodating my choice. Your servers did a great job. I love your restaurant and will recommend it to all my friends. "

Sunday, March 25 - Liz Maseth Suprise Birthday Party

Eric and Liz have been long time customers of Matteo's and Eric hosted his wife's Liz suprise birthday party there. Eric sent a note: "Tom, I just wanted to thank you and your team for a wonderful party for Liz. Liz was so suprised and had a great time. Everyone told us how great everything was too. The two girls serving did a fantastic job. Again, thank you for a great time."

Saturday, March 24 - Tracy Baum Wedding Dinner

Saturday, March 24 - Maureen Palcos Baby Shower

Maureen hosted a shower for her daughther and sent the following email "This past Saturday my daughter had a baby shower at Matteo's in Olmsted Falls. It was a perfect day. The restaurant staff was so friendly, helpful, accommodating, and gracious! Everyone at the shower loved the setting of the restaurant and had nothing but compliments about the food and staff and many of our guests stated they would like to come back to Matteo's for dinner. We were so pleased with our experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Thursday, March 22 - Health View Point Homeowners Dinner

Monday, March 19 - The Reserves Network Sales Dinner Meeting

Scott Adamonis, Vice President of Sales for The Reserves Network, hosted a sales meeting at Matteo's and sent an email note: "We had a wonderful evening. Thanks for coordinating this for us!"

Sunday, March 18 - Memorial Luncheon for Sue Hall

 Sue Hall was a Matteo's “super fan” visited the resaurant almost every Wednesday night. Sue passed away and her daughter Lynn wanted to have a memorial luncheon at her mom’s favorite restaurant. Lynn commented “Thanks so much for coordinating the luncheon on Sunday afternoon. We anticipated 30-35 people but we had almost 70 people attend. You guys were able to accommodate all of the people and the chef was outstanding preparing extra food on the fly. Kixsy was awesome as usual serving drinks to all of our guests. We can’t thank you enough. We will be visiting Matteo’s on Wednesday’s to continue mom’s tradition.”

 Tuesday, March 13 - Vitamix International Sales Dinner

Kelly Hoover coordinated the dinner and sent the following email note: Hi Tom, thank you for helping me work all of the details out for the dinner on Tuesday. I look forward to working with you in the future. "

Saturday, March 10 - Wasen / Koss Bridal Shower

Sunday, March 4 - Rebecca Black Birthday Party

Saturday, March 3 - Denise Mlady Baby Shower

Friday, March 2 - Heather Graves Rehearsal Dinner

Monday, February 12 - Westlake Seniors Luncheon

Saturday, February 10 - Gluszek Suprise Birthday Party

Tuesday, February 6 and 13 - Smith Financial Group Seminars

Sunday, January 28 - Michelle Delvecchio Bridal Shower

Michelle sent the following text " Hi Tom everything was wonderful. Everyone enjoyed the shower. Thank you for all your help and I'm sure we'll be seeing you again for dinner!

Saturday, January 27 - Julie Dipert Shower

We were able to host a wonderful baby shower at Matteo’s for my sister on 1/27/18. From the very beginning, Tom was very easy to work and plan with. We emailed and called several times and were able to work out the details quickly and smoothly. We had the flexibility of choosing the foods we wanted and were able to get into the space upstairs an hour before the shower for set up. We have hosted other showers elsewhere that weren’t so accommodating. The service we received from the servers and management that day was great and the food was also fantastic. We never felt rushed and we were able to have a great and successful shower for my sister. The party room upstairs was perfect. We will definitely be recommending Matteo’s to others for not only special events but for casual dining as well. We can’t wait to come back to try more off the menu ourselves. Thanks Tom and staff!

Saturday, January 20 - Chris and Lenny Piazza Anniversay Dinner

Lenny commented "Thanks so much for hosting our Anniversary Party. The food was outstanding and the service just as good. We'll be back soon!"

Friday, January 19 - Hannah Graydon Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, January 18 - Shurtech Annual Departmental Meeting

Torrey Lake from Shurtech sent the following note: "We had a wonderful time - everything was perfect! As expected, there was a small group that stuck around until 10pm!

Friday, December 29 - Karen Grabiec Family Christmas Party

Tuesday, December 26 - Fred and Marsha Miller Catering

"Matteo's catered our event and everything was cooked to perfection. All of our guests made positive comments. We had been using another restaurant in the past with good results. Our first time with Matteo's was a super success. You will be our exclusive source for all future functions."

Wednesday, December 20 - Fosbell Company Christmas Party

Julie Gaul, office administrator, has been at Matteo's several time and has hosted other parties. She commented "everything was good - as usual!"

Tuesday, December 19 - Frank and Dean Holiday Show

Monday, December 18 - Berea Surviving Spouse Christmas Party

Saturday, December 16 - Chris Kelly Suprise Birthday Party

Saturday, December 16 - Clamco Company Christmas Party

Nicole Thimke, the HR Manager coordinated the party. She sent a note: "Many thanks to you and your team at Matteo's for making our Clamco holiday party so enjoyable. The food and service was great and everyone really had a nice time. Many live in the area and said they would be back for dinner."

Friday, December 15 - St. Mary's of the Falls Staff Christmas Party

Margaret Dascoli, Parish Secretary commented on the party "We were all taking about the party and wanted to thank you. Thanks for being available and for accommodating our needs so beautifully, The menu was lovely and the added appetizers much appreciated."

Thursday, December 14 - NASA Christmas Luncheon

Monday, December 11 - Fairview Hospital Departmental Christmas Party

Saturday, December 9 - John Rebic Graduation Party

Friday, December 8 - Integrity Home Care Christmas Party

Thursday, December 7 - Moen Departmental Christmas Party

Tuesday, December 5 - Sherwin Williams Retirees Christmas Party

Monday, December 4 - Catering St. Mary's Teachers Luncheon

Sunday, December 3 - Dalmatian Club Christmas Party

Saturday, December 2 - Bob LaRosa Neighbor Christmas Party

Bob coordinated his neighbor Christmas Party at Matteo's. Bob sent Tom the following text message "Huge shout out to your staff for accomodating our group of 36 for dinner last night. Put us down for the first Saturday in December next year!"

Friday, November 24 - Ryan Kelber Birthday Party

Ryan hosted a birthday party for his wife. Ryan sent the following email "Hi Tom. Wanted to let you know that everything was great. Can't say enough about the servers and the restaurant. It was a great evening. Thank you for all your help in setting up this special night. Everyone in attendance had compliments about the food, servers, and atmosphere. Thanks again. "

Saturday, November 18 - Val Ciesielszyk Surprise Birthday Party

Val hosted a surprise birthday party for her husband - "Bill's party was amazing!!!" He was genuinely surprised by the number of people who attended and that they covered all facets of his life. The service was great and the food was fabulous! Thank you for making it a memorable evening!

Friday, November 17 - Mike Taylor Rehearsal Dinner

Friday, November 17 - Tim Egri Rehearsal Dinner

Tuesday, November 14 - Jarrett Lang Financial Seminar

Angela Baumgardner coordinated the financial seminar dinner for 28 prospective clients. Angela sent a note "Everything was great! Lynn and the staff were incredibly accommodating and we had a very successful event".

Sunday, November 12 - Marisa Barda Bridal Shower

Saturday, November 11 - Bauer Luncheon after Sunset Memorial Service

Mark Bauer hosted a luncheon at Matteo's after a memorial service at Sunset Memorial. Mark sent the Matteo's staff the following note" Thanks for a wonderful and memorable lunch and afternoon at Matteo's. Our family gathering in your upstairs private room after a service at Sunset could not have bee nicer. The staff made us feel so welcome that it was as if we were in our own home. Everyone gave rave reviews from family members from here in Cleveland, and from family from Buffalo, Boston and New York. Matteo's fan club expanded by thirty people Saturday. We will be back!"

Friday, November 10 - Pat Hunt Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, November 9 - Don Brown NASA Dinner

 Don Brown hosted a group of NASA engineers for a meeting. Don commented “thank you so much for hosting our group. The food and service was great. The engineers were from all over the country and really enjoyed the area, the restaurant and especially the food. Also, thank your staff as they did a great job. We’ll be back for our next meeting in the spring.”

 Thursday, November 9 - Virginia Knight Rehearsal Dinner

Wednesday, November 8 - Frank and Dean Show

Robin attended the Frank and Dean show at Matteo's and had the following comments "The Frank and Dean show at Matteo's was fabulous on all counts. Entertaining, fabulous food, exceptional wait staff, and a great value. Thanks for having them. It was great!"

Monday, November 6 - Sarah Memorial Luncheon

Saturday, November 4 - Marissa Hines Baby Shower

Friday, November 3 - Kim Schilling rehearsal dinner for Mandy and Ryan

Kim hosted her son's rehearsal dinner and sent the following note " Tom, wanted to thank you for making Ryan's rehearsal dinner so special! People raved about how good the food was and how large the portions were. Thank you again. Kim"

Thursday, November 2 - Hannah Kruse Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, October 28 - Susan Davidson Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, October 28 - Eileen Kawa Bridal Shower

October 23 and 24 - Michael Hovanic Financial Seminar

Saturday, October 21 - Kyle and Brittany Gados Wedding Dinner

Wednesday, October 18 - Piano Wine Dinner

Saturday, October 14 - Lynn Schultz mom's 80th Birthday Party

Thursday, October 12 - George and Rebecca Haling Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, October 8 - Afanseh Wedding Dinner

Friday, October 6 - Jen Moore Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, September 28 - Art and Amy Rehearsal Dinner

Wednesday, September 27 - NASA Research Dinner

Monday, September 18 - Catering of event at Pinot's Palet for Symrise Corporation

Symrise Coproration held an event at Pinot's Palet with Matteo's catering. " I want to thank Matteo's for the great food and service.  The food was authenentic and a nice variety of choices were provided. The catering staff was friendly and helpful throughout the night. We look forward to having Matteo's cater our next corporate event." Damon Gambino, Plant Manager.

Sunday, September 17 - Monchak Baby Shower

Saturday, September 16 - Melissa and Dan Wedding Reception

Tuesday, September 12 - Memorial Service Dinner

Friday, September 8 - Jean Lieb Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, September 7 - Mike and Amber Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, August 24 - Emily Duncan Rehersal Dinner

Thursday August 17 - Jessica and Rob Shaffalo's Rehearsal Dinner

Jessica posted this 5 star review on Yelp - My husband and I had our wedding rehearsal dinner here in the upstairs private room on 8/17/17... and we had a fantastic experience, with lots of compliments since from our guests! The restaurant itself has a warm atmosphere, with an attentive and friendly wait staff. And the food is just delicious! We had chicken parmesean, spaghetti, seafood linguine and more, and there wasn't a bad bite in the lot. Wine flowed freely, and many enjoyed gelato or cannolis to end the night! The manager, Tom, was a pleasure to work with leading up to the event. And he stopped in personally to ensure the night was going smoothly, and that we were satisfied with our experience at the end. I highly recommend Matteo's for your next event, or just a nice dinner out! This was already my mom's favorite restaurant, as a local... and now my husband's parents (and we) can't wait to come back!

Monday, August 14 - Olmsted Falls New Teacher Orientation Luncheon

Mary Lopata from Olmsted Falls City Schools organized the event and commented "The lunch was a big success, and your services were great. Thank you for everything."

Sunday, August 13 - Bielak Wedding Shower

Cindy Bielak sent  the following note "I just wanted to let you know what an OUTSTANDING job your staff did and how delicious all of the food was at my future daughter-in- laws shower today. The afternoon was PERFECT! Thank you.

Sunday, August 6 - Erica Skubovius Surpise Birthday

Erica commented on the party - "Dan was genuinely surprised and everything was perfect!!! Our server Will was wonderful and very attentive. I am extremely happy that I selected Matteo's for Dan's birthday celebration. We will most definitely be back! Thank you again for helping to make our party a great success!!!"

Saturday, August 5 - Repenning Wedding Anniversary Party

Saturday, August 5 - Karen and Michael Wedding Dinner

Karen and Michael were married at the Chapel and celebrated at Matteo's. "Hi Tom. Thank you to you and your staff. We had a great time."

Friday, August 4 - Cathy and Colleen hosted Bridal Shower

Friday, July 28 - Pete and Rose Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, July 27 - Kelly Ryan Rehearsal Dinner

"It was a wonderful dinner! We got so many compliments on how much everyone enjoyed the food. The service was fantastic, too. Thank you so much for helping us organize our rehearsal dinner."

Sunday, July 23 - Monica Peskura Bridal Shower

Saturday, July 22 - Gale Mazzella Bridal Shower

Friday, July 21 - Friedel and Barnhart Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, July 16 - Mary Salsman Bridal Shower

Friday, July 14 - Adam and Katie Hahn Rehearsal Dinner

Adam posted the following 5 Star review on Yelp - "We held our rehearsal dinner at Matteo's and everything was great. Tom helped us plan the event from start to finish and the staff the day of our event did everything they could to accommodate our requests. Amazing food and we'll continue to support this local restaurant."

Sunday, July 9 - Helen Muhaw Baby Shower

Sunday, July 2 - Ohman Birthday Party

Saturday, July 1 - Amber Malone Bridal Shower

"I wanted to thank Tom and the entire staff for putting on a beautiful shower. We had over 50 people and almost everyone told me how great everything was. They really loved the Lemon Chicken! The Mimosa bar was awesome with the fresh fruit and champagne. The servers were very attentive. Thank you again for such a wonderful day. Amber"

Friday, June 30 - Dawn Evangelista Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, June 24 - Dave and Amanda Raciana Wedding Dinner

Thursday, June 22 - Erossy Rehearsal Dinner

Thurdsay, June 15 - Stoneman Rehearsal Dinner

Friday, June 9 - Gaul Rehearsal Dinner

Julie sent the following note "Thanks again for a wonderful evening.  Our rehearsal dinner was a great evening.  The servers were so nice and they took great care of us.  The food, of course, was delicious!"

Tuesday, June 6 - Northcoast Miata Club Dinner

Sunday, June 4 - Lafraniere Baptisimal Pary

Saturday, June 3 - Brooke and Brian Wedding Dinner

"Hello Tom, everything was beyond perfect! I can not thank you enough. We could not ask for a better experience with Matteo's!"

Friday, June 2 - Hummell Rehearsal Dinner 

"Thank you for having us for the Rehearsal! None of us had ever eaten at Matteo's before and it was fantastic! I think everyone who was there will be back! We especially loved the meatball sliders! But all of the food was fantastic!  Thank you for all of your help!"

Friday, May 26 - Radigan Rehearsal Dinner

"Zachary and I had our rehearsal dinner at Matteo's on May 26th. From the moment we started planning the event, to the time the dinner wrapped up, we cannot say enough positive things about our experience.  The food was incredible, the drinks were great, and the service was fast and flawless.  They accommodated every need, and they did so without question.  The environment was classy yet comfortable, and we are so thankful we were able to have our event at Matteo's."

Sunday, May 20 - Litton Going Away Party

Friday, May 19 - Soflkiancs Rehearsal Dinner

 "We just wanted to thank you for all that you and your staff did to make this special event so wonderful!  Hope and Sophia were gracious and attentive servers who worked hard all evening to make sure all of our guests requests were accommodated.  The food was absolutely delicious and many of our guests, who were visiting Matteo's for the first time that evening, told us that they would be back again as they discovered and enjoyed the quaint ambiance of your lovely restaurant!  With many thanks,  Mike and Debbie Soflkiancs"

Thursday, May 18 - Laura Labuda Rehearsal Dinner

Laura sent a special thank you - "Just wanted to thank you and your staff for making our rehearsal dinner an enjoyable and unforgettable evening. The food was delicious and portion sizes were huge. Our guests enjoyed themselves and the bride and groom couldn't have been happier with everything. "

Saturday, May 6 - Melissa Gordon Graduation Party

Melissa posted the following review on Yelp - "Hosted a graduation party of about 35 people upstairs. The staff was super friendly and helpful. The food was amazing. Everyone loved the lasagna. The prices were super reasonable given the amount of food you get plus the awesome service. I don't have a single bad thing to say about these guys. Highly recommend!!"

Saturday, May 6 - Ruth Pekarik Bridal Shower

Saturday, May 6 - Pam Minallo Birthday Party

Sunday, April 30 - Janelle Spalding Birthday Party

Saturday, April 29 - Olmsted Falls Kiwansis Dinner

Friday, April 28 - Bridgette Ring Rehearsal Dinner

Tuesday, April 18 - Parma High Class of '58

Saturday, April 15 - Vicky Samenuck Birthday Party

Wednesday, April 12 - Chuck Kaskey Surpise Birthday Party

Sunday, April 9 - Amanda Lehner Christening

Saturday, April 8 - Darlene DeBrook Baby Shower

Friday, April 7 - Mats and Martinis Party

Kelly Patrick, the owner of Circle of Life Yoga sent the following note - "Thank you so much for the bruschetta and great service!! Everyone loved it and can't wait for the next one. Lots of people who had never been there loved it. Your staff took great care of us."

Friday, April 7 - Amy Howe Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, April 6 - Olmsted Falls Class of '64

Sunday, March 26 - Jan Norris Birthday Party

Sunday, March 26 - Trish Catonnie Baby Shower

Saturday, March 25 - Richard Ruskin Retirement Party

Saturday, March 25 - Autumn Mustard Baby Shower

Friday, March 24 - Denise Darling Party

Sunday, March 12th - Donna from A Time to Spa Baby Shower

Saturday, March 11 - Lynn Schulte Bridal Shower

Sunday, March 5 - Rachel Fratus Bridal Shower

"I wanted to take the time to write you and thank you both for my bridal shower! Everything was absolutely perfect! The service was top notch and the food (as always) was amazing. Please pass my thanks along to your staff. I want to especially thank the two of you for helping me prepare for my shower and answer my million questions leading up to the day. I know you were both a huge reason that everything went as planned and I seriously cannot thank you enough."

Sunday, February 19 - Julie Storti Baby Shower

"The shower on Sunday was perfect. Will and Fallon were excellent and the food was incredible. The guests complemented the food and service many times. Thank you very much for all your help. I would definitely recommend Matteo's for an event."

Tuesday, February 16 - Fosbel Company Dinner

The Fosbel company had a corporate dinner at Matteo's hosting invitees from all over the world. The host sent a note "I wanted to thank you again for all of the effort that you and your entire staff put in to our company dinner last Thursday. Everything was perfect! I am sure that Fosbel will be using Matteo's again and again!!

Sunday, February 12 - Olmsted Falls Evangelical Church

"I want to thank you for allowing us to have our second annual Best of Friends at Matteo's on Sunday night. We had a wonderful evening together. The staff was wonderful and the food was delicious. Most importantly, it was wonderful evening at a great place."

Saturday, February 4 - Tomasina Pinto Baby Shower

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything on Saturday. The food and staff were wonderful and I appreciate all you did to help make our party a success."

Monday, December 26 - Lewis Baby Shower

"Thank you again for your help with my cousins baby shower, it was awesome. The food was delicous and the servers were great."

Monday, December 19 - St. Mary's Teacher Luncheon

"Thank you for catering our off-site teacher luncheon. All teachers and staff at St. Mary's enjoyed all of the wonderful food."

Friday, December 16 - NASA Holiday Party

"On behalf of the entire NASA Exploration Systems branch we wanted to thank you for allowing our group of 60 to take over your restaurant for our annual Christmas luncheon. A fabulous time had by everyone."

Saturday, December 10 - Qwest Mechanical Holiday Party

"Thank you once again for a fabulous evening. All the employees and their guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The filet was a big hit and we truly appreciate your accomodating our special canned beer request. We will continue to hold our holiday party there every year."

Thursday, December 8 - Integrity Home Care Party

"We had our employee holiday party at Matteo's and couldn't have been happier. Everything was perfect from the food, to the service, to the cocktails and decorations. We will definetly return."

Sunday, December 4 - Eichenmiller Birthday Party

"I wanted to express my since gratitude for yesterday during my mom's 60th birthday party. Every guest from the party throughly enjoyed every minute. The food and service was great. I appreciate you going above and beyond and opening early for us as well. Thank you so much."

 Saturday, November 26th - Alex and Jade Engagement Party

"We hosted our engagement party in Matteo's party room at the end of November. We choose a family style dinner and couldn't be happier. The chicken parm, fettuccini alfredo, and lasagna were all great and there was enough for our guests to take home. Our servers were extremely nice and ensured that all of our guests had an outstanding time."

Saturday, November 5 - Bell Birthday Party

"We hosted my wife's 70th birthday party at Matteo's. The lemon chicken and pork cutlet were amazing, and the staff couldn't have been more amazing. They even kept the bar open past closing to accomodate our large group. We will be back. Thank you."

Saturday, November 5 - Warnke Baby Shower

"I hosted a baby shower at Matteo's in their upstairs party room. The Chef prepared a special bunch menu for us which turned out exquisite."

Friday, October 28 - Tim Finn Rehearsal Dinner

"The evening was perfect. The food and drinks were awesome, and the girls were amazing. Raves from all."

Friday, October 14 - Stefanie Gott Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, October 9 - Ireton Anniversary Party

Saturday, October 1 - Jennifer Walter Wedding Reception

Friday, September 30 - Francak Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, September 29 - Schofield Rehearsal Dinner

"Hi Tom, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful rehearsal dinner for Mike and Marissa last weekend. You made everthing run so smoothly. The food was delicous and the servers exceptional. So kind, organized, and attentive. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. Than you so much and see you at Matteo's soon!"

Sunday, September 25 - Dianne Soucie Shower

Friday, September 23 - Nina Imbrogino Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, September 22 - Carla and Jeff Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, September 17 - Laurel and Amy hosted Birthday Party

Friday, September 16 - Culler Golf Group

Friday, September 16 - Peltier Rehearsal Dinner

Friday, September 9 - Mirtich Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, September 8 - Strand Dinner Group

Thursday, September 8 - Jessica Krehel Birthday Party

Saturday, September 3 - Amanda Cafarelli Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, September 3 - Carol Mitchkash Shower

Thursday, August 25 - Mercedes Evans Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, August 18 - Lisa Haecker Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, August 14 - Nina Imbrogno

"On August 14, 2016 we hosted a bridal shower for Kaylie Weinhardt and Marc Imbrogno. I wanted to compliment Tom Grassi, his assistant, the servers, and Chef Rocco. I can honestly tell you that the attention paid to all details was excellent. I had some specific requests of Chef Rocco and he met each and every one of them...the food was outstanding and the servers were wonderful! Thank you Tom, Chef Rocco, and all your team for making this event special. We will see you again on September 23rd for the rehearsal dinner!"

Thursday, August 11 - Theresa Ardiri Rehearsal Dinner

Tuesday, August 9 - Olmsted Falls New Teacher Orientation

The Olmsted Falls BOE had their 2016 new teacher orientation at Matteo's. Ann Stricklen commented "We enjoyed the lunch. The room was comfortable, service was good, and the food was delicious".

Sunday, August 7 - Lewicki  Baptismal Party

Sunday, August 7 - Kelly's Wedding Shower

Sunday, August 7 - Namabuca Family Reunion

Friday, August 5 - Olmsted Falls Girls Travel Fundraiser (Catering)

Steve Schwecke, the commissioner of the Olmsted Falls Girls Travel program, held their annual fund raiser at the Irish Center. They had Matteo's cater the 200 person event. Steve mentioned that the attendees raved about the food that included chicken parmigiana, pasta, and the great meatballs.

Friday, August 5 - Thompson Rehearsal Dinner

Friday, August 5 - Hopkins Rehearsal Dinner

Monday, August 1 - Lash Memorial Service

Friday, July 29 - Marybeth Pluth Rehearsal Dinner

Marybeth couldn't thank the staff enough. In fact, some of her guests were from Houston and they commented that it was the best Italian food they've had in a long time. Marybeth went on to say " Everyone loved the food and the service was excellent. My favorite was the eggplant and my husband oved the sea bass. He insisted that I try it and it was delicious. Thanks again for a great dinner".

Saturday, July 30 - Carol 50th Wedding Anniversary

Carol told the General Manager "the food and service was excellent.  A big thumbs up."

Friday, July 22 - Dawn / Dave Banks Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, July 17 - Mirtich Wedding Shower

Saturday, July 16 - Olsen Shower

Wednesday, July 13 - FCSL Assoc. Group Meeting

Saturday, July 9 - Cully Graduation Party

Thursday, June 30 - Moriarty Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, June 26 - Grace Fisher Baby Shower

Saturday, June 25 - Patty / Mike Wedding Dinner

Saturday, June 25 - Jane Anthony Shower

Friday, June 24 - Wonderly Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, June 23 - Stefanie / Joe Rehearsal Dinner

Wednesday, June 22 - Olmsted Falls School Board Retirement Dinner

Saturday, June 18 - Sedley Wedding Dinner

Tuesday, June 14 - Evergreen Retirement Party

Sunday, June 12 - Scholter Wedding Shower

Friday, June 10 - Stevens Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, June 5 - National Assoc. of College Book Clubs (evening)

Sunday, June 5 - Mustar Baptismal Party (afternoon)

Saturday, June 4 - Gullick Graduation Party

Friday, June 2 - Callie and Chad Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, May 28 - Knab Bridal Shower

Thursday, May 26 - Zampino and Procassey Rehearsal Dinners

Sunday, May 22 - Erhber Bridal Shower

Friday, May 20 - Olmsted Falls Teacher Retirement Party

Thursday, May 19 - Guzman Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, May 15 - Szerpenski Confirmation Party

Donna's note on the party "Hello Tom, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful confirmation party for out son today at your restaurant. Everything was just fantastic. Everyone had a nice time and really enjoyed themselves. Thank you so much!"

Saturday, May 14 - Accordino Memorial Service

 Our family wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff, again, for making our luncheon at Matteo's a fabulous experience. We were celebrating the life of my husband's 104-yr-old grandmother following her funeral and the private dining room you arranged for us was a beautiful atmosphere for our 30 family members to gather. Everything was fantastic from top to bottom. The dedicated servers were a joy, the food was phenomenal and the space made for a lovely experience. We found our new favorite place for family gatherings! Thank you so much.

 Saturday, May 6 - Baker Graduation Dinner

John Baker held his granddaughter's graduation dinner in Matteo's upstairs party room. John had 25 family members and they were treated to appetizers and plated dinners. John couldn't thank Matteo's enough and his family was amazed with the great food and service.

Saturday, May 6 - Kiwanis Past Presidents Dinner

The Kiwanis chose Matteo's to honor their past presidents. The attendees choose from a limited menu and the comments was that the food and service were great!

Sunday, May 1 - Grill Baptismal Celebration

Kate Grill posted the following review on Yelp - "We recently had the pleasure of working with Tom and his staff at Matteo's to have a private party. Our time with them couldn't have been better! The planning process was simple and laid back and absolutely everything was ready when we arrived. Our servers were friendly, attentive, and accommodating to our group and made the day special for our guests. We planned a sandwich menu for lunch and the food was amazing. I can personally say we loved the chicken parmesan and caprese sandwiches the best. Matteo's prices were very reasonable compared to other locations we had inquired about, and the staff was more friendly and inviting in assisting with our requests. It was a lovely day for our family, and Matteo's made us feel like family that day as well. We have also enjoyed a couple of quiet date nights there in the past and will not hesitate to do so in the future. Certainly, we owe a huge thank you and recommendation for Matteo's."

April 29, 2016 - Cleveland Browns Draft

The second round of the NFL Draft was held on Friday, April 29. At the Cleveland Browns facility in Berea the Browns staff were carefully making their 2016 draft selections. Matteo's catered the event with Browns ownership, coaching staff, executives and staff having dinner. Matteo's received this note - "Wanted to send along a quick THANK YOU note for your help on Friday night.  I spoke with a few people out in Berea who could not stop raving about the food!  Thank you for going above and beyond- we all appreciate it very much".

April 23, 2016 -  Bridal Shower hosted by Candice

Candice sent the following note to Matteo's "We thank all of you for the beautiful bridal shower at your restaurant. The food and service was outstanding. The brides-to-be were both so happy with the event. We received many compliments from our guests. You folks are a credit to the restaurant business. The shower was perfect".

April 20, 2016 - Ryan and Tony's Wedding Dinner

To the staff at Matteo's " I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the amazing wedding dinner for my niece. Your upstairs dining space was amazing. The setup was very well organized letting us rearrange the tables to suit our concept and display the wedding cake. The dinner was excellent. Everyone loved the food. The servers were patient, attentive, and just perfect. Thank you for making the event so special."

April 16, 2016 - Callie's Wedding Shower

Callie and Chad are getting married Saturday, June 4. After visiting Matteo's for dinner they decided to have Callie's wedding shower in the party room. They offered their guests lemon chicken, chicken parmigiana, lasagna, and cheese ravioli. They had such a great time they booked their rehearsal dinner at Mattoe's on Friday, June 3.

April 12, 2016 - Royalette's Golf League Meeting

The Royalette's kicked off their 2016 season with a luncheon at Matteo's. Lois, one of the league organizers had visited Matteo's and loved the food. After seeing the private room she booked it for their league lunch meeting. The ladies had a great lunch choosing from Matteo's small plate offerings, meatball sandwiches, and smoked chicken salad.

April 2, 2016 – Confirmation party Leila Flemming
Matteo's hosted a Confirmation for the Flemmings family. After snacking on a few homemade pizzas, they enjoyed a plated style meal that included:
-lemon chicken over linguini
-eggplant parmesan over spaghetti in marinara sauce
- five layered lasagna
- chicken parmesan over spaghetti with house red sauce
- Italian burger with French fries
The Flemmings commented "Thank you Matteo's for hosting the party".

April 1, 2016 – Surprise 70th Birthday Party for Fran

What a lovely day for Matteo's to host a 'Surprise 70th Birthday for Fran.  Fifty of her friends and family attended and enjoyed a huge appetizer buffet which included cheese, bianco, and carne pizzas along with Matteo's house salad. They also enjoyed zucchini frites, fried calamari, and homemade meatballs. Not only was Fran surprised, but everyone was brought to tears when her grandson surprised everyone from the military. There wasn't a a dry eye in the place.

March 20, 2016 – Kristy Cifranic Second Jewelry Party

2nd Time Around! Thank you Kristy for having Matteo's host your second jewelry party in the upstairs party room on Sunday March 20th. Guests enjoyed snacking on assorted appetizers such as meatball sliders, pizzas, and our house salad while they shopped and chatted. Kristy commented that the jewelry parties have been great successes and she can't wait to host the next one at Matteo's.

March 20, 2016 – Vicky Jancfi Surprise Birthday
Happy 1st Day of Spring! Sunday March 20th, Matteo's hosted a surprise birthday party for Ms. Lee. The party started at 1pm and was held in the first floor dining room. Matteo's opened early on Sunday to host the party. Guests were offered a plated style dinner choosing from spaghetti and meatballs, lemon chicken over linguini, fettuccine Alfredo with chicken, each served with plated house salads.

March 19, 2016- Surprise 90th Birthday Party
Good things come in three's at Matteo's! On Saturday March 19th they hosted a surprise 90th birthday party. The family had a 5:00 Mass in the upstairs party room before guests enjoyed a buffet style menu which included lemon chicken, London broil, lasagna, garlic mashed potatoes, and steamed veggies.

March 19th, 2016 – Denise Krane Wedding Shower
Love is in the air at Matteo's Saturday March 19th.. They hosted Denise Krane's wedding shower in the upstairs dinning space.  The guests started with a cheese & cracker appetizer with fresh fruit, before dinning on a plated style menu with a choice of pollo Matteo, grilled salmon, and the mouth watering homemade lasagna. Matteo's didn't forget the little ones with  plenty of chicken fingers, french fries and grilled cheese for them to enjoy too.

March 19th, 2016 – Nicole’s Baby Shower

Thank you again for allowing us to have the shower at Matteo's, it was beautiful! The staff did an outstanding job and had a lot of patience with our crazy family! 



We went with a group of 30 teenage soccer boys and parents. They put us upstairs in a private room and we had 2 servers. The servers were the nicest most pleasant people and they were attentive and kind. Our food came out fast and everything was really good. Shout out to the wedding soup! We don't get authentic soup often so it was a treat. The seafood pasta was incredible and the seafood manicotti was fresh and unique. I would rev for large groups or just dinner with family.

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