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Girls Love Matteo’s Desserts!

Victoria, Gwen and mom Beth stopped at Matteo's for the first time last Friday Night. They were looking for dessert after attending an American Girl Tea Party. The dinner rush at Matteo’s was over and the nice private booth was available. The host thought the girls would enjoy seating in the booth.

Matteo’s server Michelle read the girls the extensive list of great desserts. It was a tough decision but Victoria ordered the Cannoli's, Gwen the Almond Cake and mom the Cassata Cake. They all loved the desserts.

Victoria has a birthday coming up the day before Thanksgiving. Based on their experience having dessert at Matteo’s, they thought it would be a great place to celebrate Victoria’s birthday. So, they made a reservation for their entire family.

A funny part of the night was that the girls couldn’t finish their deserts and had to go boxes. However, they forgot to take their boxes with them. Server Michelle mentioned to owner Tom Grassi that they had left their boxes. Tom ran out to the parking lot and was able to flag them down before they had left. The girls were giggling as they were just about to come back for their desserts.

If you’re looking for a great place to have dessert, or celebrate a party or special occasion, give Matteo’s a call and make your reservation.

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